Combat patellar tendonitis (runner’s/jumper’s knee) with the McDavid 414 Knee Strap

Patellar tendonitis is an injury on the tendon below the patella (kneecap). The more you move your knee, the more tender the tendon will become. Usually the tendon will feel stiff and/or swolen. The pain usually resolves within a few weeks, but the duration of full recovery varies.

McDavid Knee Strap, supporting the tendon below the kneecap

The McDavid knee strap is build specifically for patellar tendonitis. The strap supports the tendon that connects the shin with the knee. By supporting the tendon, the pain will be relieved and healing time will decrease.

Does not slip

Once attached, the high quality velcro will keep the strap in place. We receive pictures from customers using this strap during obstacle runs where they have to run through mud and even then the velcro will not show weakness. We use this velcro on most of our products and because of the positive feedback we’re not intending to change it anytime soon.

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